Digital Transformation of Business Process Governance

Many organizations have started digital transformation initiatives. New digital tools are available with increasing regularity – and many of them have a major impact on business processes. However, only a small number of organizations have their business processes sufficiently under control to realize the full business potential of new digital technologies. Appropriate business process management (BPM) capabilities, have a significant impact on the value achieved through digitalization. This is especially true for establishing appropriate business process governance. Process governance keeps processes on track. It identifies necessary adjustments of the process, defines the required actions, and ensures their execution. This has a significant impact on the realization and sustainment of the target-ed digitalization benefits as well as the ongoing performance of the processes. However, digital operational processes have new requirements for process governance. And digital process management tools provide new opportunities for effective governance. Therefore, process governance must go through adigital transformation itself, leveraging appropriate tools such as process mining or dynamic process modelling and simulation tools. Result is digital process governance, an important foundation of successful digital transformation

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