Identify improvement opportunities with Scheer Americas' Rapid Process Improvement (RPI)

    An increasing number of organizations moves away from lengthy multi-year and multi-million dollar improvement initiatives. They prefer shorter high impact improvement projects, delivering fast business results.

    Scheer Americas’ Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) approach addresses this need. A pragmatic analysis of existing business processes identifies short- and long-term improvement opportunities. The “low hanging fruits” are harvested right away through targeted improvement actions. Medium and longer term opportunities are addressed through pragmatic work packages, including the appropriate-to be design and necessary realization actions. In many cases business impacts can be measured in less than 6 months.

    Larger transformation initiatives, especially digital transformations, consist of a set of rapid process improvement projects. Hence, the transformation delivers continuously tangible results.

    Numerous companies have already been convinced by our integrated process approach.

    Read our case studies to find out more.

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