• The Scheer Story

    The Scheer Story

    “We bring business and IT together – because the processes are the connecting element.”

    Scheer Group: The history behind it

    August Wilhelm Scheer established IDS Prof. Scheer GmbH in Germany in 1983 while holding the position of Professor and heading the Institute for Information Technology at the University of Saarland. His research and studies at the Institute played a pivotal role in the development of Business Process Management, a new way of thinking about how large organizations should collaborate. By introducing the concept of ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems), he revolutionized modern organizational practices by shifting from function-oriented to process-oriented ways of working.

    With the success of IDS Prof. Scheer, the company became a globally recognized leader in Business Process Management through the adoption of ARIS. In 1999, IDS Prof. Scheer became a public company listed on the German stock exchange and was later renamed Scheer AG. In 2008, Prof. Scheer sold the company to Software AG, but the ARIS concept and Business Process Management principles remain integral to the DNA of the newly formed Scheer Group.

    Today, the Scheer Group comprises 1,000 professionals serving 1,500 customers worldwide who continue to value the significance of Business Process Management and its founding concepts developed 40 years ago. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Prof. Scheer was honored with the Philip Morris Research Prize and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2003. He also received the Erich Gutenberg Prize and the Federal Cross of Merit first class in December 2005, and was elected as a fellow of the Gesellschaft für Informatik in the same year. In May 2023 Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer received an honorary doctorate from Widener University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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