Establishing a sustainable practice around creating, deploying, and managing process assets can be a challenging task. With years of consulting experience in helping organizations overcome such challenges, we have developed a framework to build a sustainable repository management practice. Join our workshop to learn how to identify and address the five pillars of a value-driven repository management approach. This includes defining usage scenarios for process projects, ensuring that each project has a goal and delivers value. You will also learn how to determine the necessary information and document it in the right format to deliver the required results. Additionally, we will discuss how to put in place a governance structure that accommodates all required roles and responsibilities. Finally, we will cover how to enable the repository's population by selecting and deploying a modeling tool. By following this framework, you can establish a sustainable repository management practice and achieve success in your process improvement initiatives. The intended audience for this training is executives and senior management seeking to maximize existing investments in the process space or to establish their BPM Discipline.

    Course Overview

    1. BPM Repository Overview & Definition
    2. Repository Management Approach Framework
    3. Value – how will your process assets be used
    4. Content – what information is needed
    5. Format – language, standards and structure of information
    6. Governance – roles, responsibilities, ownership
    7. Tool – technology required to enable repository management
    8. Reference Models & Best Practices

    Learning Outcome

    1. Clearly understand the business value to be achieved through the process repository.
    2. Understand the key elements required to set up your process repository.
    3. Define a value-driven approach to prioritize content and ensure that the repository meets the business needs.
    4. Understand the various technologies used for developing, storing, and publishing the repository.
    5. Discuss the way forward for designing, creating, and maintaining the repository.

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