About This Course

    The core of your business lies in the process-it integrates people, systems, data, and decisions to ensure success. Managing your processes is crucial for competing in the constantly evolving digital business landscape. 

    However, getting your entire organization engaged in Business Process Management (BPM) can be challenging. There are obstacles such as a lack of understanding, outdated assumptions, or simply being unaware of the benefits that come with it. 

    Overcoming these hurdles by enrolling in this course. Discover the modern value proposition of BPM, learn how it can enhance your professional life, and discuss practical strategies for getting involved. This workshop is designed for executive/leadership, business process owners, function leads seeking an efficient approach to understand the value of processes in their organization.  


    Course Overview

    1. The Value of Process
    2. Process in Action
    3. Introduction to ARIS
    4. Process Models on ARIS
    5. Structuring Processes
    6. Systems, Data, People, Reporting & Collaboration

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Gain insight into the significance of processes within your organization
    2. Recognize how adhering to processes can enhance your daily operations
    3. Delve into your repository and foster collaboration
    4. Drive process engagement throughout the organization

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