Business Process Management (BPM) is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to address urgent issues, often referred to as "burning platforms." However, after these issues have been resolved, organizations must identify the next area of focus. It is important to note that while 80% of an organization's processes may serve as enablers, they do not necessarily contribute to its competitive advantage. The remaining 20% of processes present an opportunity to outperform competitors and drive results.

    To effectively identify critical processes and prioritize areas for improvement, BPM should be viewed not only as an execution tool but also as a strategic lens for evaluating the entire business. Our Targeting Value approach, developed through years of consulting experience, can help organizations determine their most critical processes. By creating a prioritized process agenda focused on these areas, organizations can align their strategies with execution and deliver sustainable value from their BPM efforts.

    This training is directed towards executives and process leaders that recognize the need for a structure approach to deploying BPM, aligning execution with strategy.

    Course Overview

    1. Targeting Value Systematically
    2. Segmenting Business Processes
    3. Value-driven Design
    4. Value-driven Implementation
    5. BPM-Discipline to Sustain Value
    6. Group Case Study

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Transform your corporate strategy into actionable value drivers that align with your organization's goals and objectives.
    2. Develop a comprehensive process agenda that balances fast results with long-term capabilities, ensuring sustained growth and success.
    3. Utilize BPM to achieve greater transparency, agility, innovation, and other key benefits for your organization.
    4. Establish a structured approach for delivering value across all areas of your organization, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
    5. Identify your organization's critical functions and processes, allowing you to focus your resources on the most important areas for success.
    6. Take a pragmatic approach to planning the future of your organization.

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