• Strategy Execution in a Digital World: The Discipline of BPM

    Strategy Execution in a Digital World: The Discipline of BPM


    According to recent research, digital transformation initiatives have been adopted or planned by more than 70% of organizations worldwide. However, simply implementing these initiatives does not guarantee the desired business value. Many organizations overlook the challenges associated with digital transformation, which is why a process-led approach is necessary. By focusing on the right areas of transformation and improving processes within the end-to-end context, organizations can achieve superior customer and supplier experience, operational excellence, and focused process innovation while sustaining the results.

    To achieve these results, this course delves into process-led design and execution principles that realize the full potential of digital business transformations. The course combines case studies with current research findings to explore the business impacts of digitalization and how to leverage the power of process to deliver results quickly and with minimal risk. By applying these principles, organizations can ensure that their digital transformation initiatives create the desired business value. This course is intended for leaders seeking to transform and improve their business leveraging digital enablers.

    Course Overview

    1. Focus: through discovering the value and definitions of the digital business transformations and developing a strategy for success
    2. Improve and Transform: by identifying the potential business impact of digital technologies as well as understanding the different transformation approaches leveraging these technologies that are available to you.
    3. Sustain: by applying process governance to your transformation results and allowing for transparency of the transformation through Enterprise Architecture.
    4. Finally, looking to the future of Digital Business Transformations through trends and predictions as well as next steps for you and your organization.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Discover the building blocks for developing a successful transformation strategy.
    2. Learn how to leverage business process management as a value-switch.
    3. Achieve operational excellence, superior customer experience, and focused process innovation.
    4. Leverage digital enablers such as RPA, AI, cloud, or blockchain.
    5. Target real value at the board level.
    6. Translate value into action at pace and with certainty.


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