About This Course

    Numerous companies face difficulties in deriving benefits from their Process Repository. To address this issue, we offer a three-day mobilization workshop that provides targeted assistance to users in setting up their repository and establishing a solid foundation for enterprise-wide impact.

    Our approach to Repository Management, based on BPM-D methodology, is designed to assist users in effectively setting up and implementing their process repository. This includes establishing standards and guidelines to ensure the successful creation and maintenance of a BPM repository. We understand the importance of making the repository relevant to businesspeople and explain how it can enhance and simplify their work. 

    Course Overview

    Day 1 – Introduction to your Process Repository 

    • Value and Positioning of Process Modeling
    • Explore Modeling Methods (BPMN and others)
    • Tools and Features Familiarity

    Day 2 – Utilizing your Process Repository​

    • Define Repository and Modeling Standards 
    • Structuring the Repository 
    • Exploring Advanced Modeling Techniques 

    Day 3 – BPM Repository Strategy

    • Value-driven Business Process Management 
    • Define Modeling Standards and Governance 
    • Collaborating through Process 

    Learning outcomes

    • Acquire the foundational skills required to utilize BPM tools effectively.
    • Build proficiency in process modeling and tool capabilities to enable value-driven repository management.
    • Ensure alignment on standards and guidelines for establishing and maintaining a successful BPM repository.
    • Leverage the reports within the repository to generate value.
    • Implement pragmatic approaches to repository management that align with business objectives.
    • Gain an understanding of the industry's best practices in process modeling standards

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