To establish an effective and sustainable Business Process Management (BPM) practice, it is essential to set up internal roles and functions. This ensures that the appropriate level of resources is available, and the business is engaged with what the BPM practice does. The structure for the BPM practice, also known as the Centre of Excellence (CoE), plays a vital role in this effort.

    This workshop is directed towards discussions related to establishing an effective and sustainable BPM practice by setting up internal roles and functions, defining the CoE's structure, identifying process owners, ensuring that processes are not isolated from the business, and establishing a governance structure. By achieving this, organizations can achieve their process improvement goals and drive continuous improvement.

    This training is directed towards heads of BPM practices or senior managers seeking to establish a process team to help shape their CoE governance structure.

    Course Overview

    1. Executive Sponsorship – getting the board’s buy-in
    2. Centre of Excellence – what & why
    3. Typical CoE Roles & Responsibilities
    4. Process Governance
    5. Approach to Establishing a CoE
    6. BPM Culture & Change Management
    7. Group Case Study

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand the key role a CoE plays in enabling the BPM discipline, and how it can support the organization's process journey.
    2. Define the essential BPM roles and responsibilities to ensure that the right people are involved in BPM efforts.
    3. To engage the general business with the process by assigning ownership to process owners
    4. Define your own CoE within your organization
    5. Take the first steps in setting up your CoE.
    6. Establish clear lines of reporting and communication between the CoE and other parts of the organization.

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