About This Course

    Complex compliance requirements demand equally complex and fully traceable decision-making processes. The Decision Modelling Notation (DMN) offers a powerful tool to create explicit diagrams that outline the logic behind a process. These diagrams provide visibility, governance, and traceability, allowing for an agile response to regulatory changes and automation.

    Effective DMN practice is key to achieving compliance, automation, and regulatory agility. Capturing and updating decisions can be a significant effort, but our approach provides a comprehensive education on creating and deploying DMN diagrams, optimizing the return on investment for any DMN investment.

    Our value-driven approach ensures that your organization can achieve a sustainable practice that delivers maximum ROI. With DMN, your organization can navigate complex regulatory requirements with confidence, maintain compliance, and ensure a seamless and efficient decision-making process.


    Course Overview

    1. DMN Overview & Usage Scenarios
    2. Target Value – where to deploy DMN
    3. BPM to Support DMN
    4. Establishing a Sustainable DMN Practise
    5. DMN Hands-on Model Creation
    6. Attaining Compliance & Traceability
    7. Deploying DMN in a Business Situation

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of Decision Modelling Notation (DMN) and its potential applications in your organization.
    2. Identify where and when to deploy DMN diagrams effectively, and when it is not appropriate to use them.
    3. Learn to create DMN models using specialized tools and gain hands-on experience in applying them in real-world scenarios.
    4. Extract reports that provide clear and explicit details of decision logic, improving transparency and traceability.
    5. Develop a pragmatic plan for the future of DMN in your organization, including the implementation of a governance structure that supports your decision-making processes.

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