Value-Driven Digital Transformation: Performance through Process in IM + io Journal

Businesses often have a good understanding of product and people management, as well as information technology management. However, their discipline around business processes is often lacking or at a low maturity level. This can pose a significant challenge since new or improved processes are what ultimately deliver the value of a digital transformation.

For example, if a company sells compressors and connects them to the internet, there is little change unless processes are established that leverage this connection. This might include using the connection for preventive maintenance or creating a new business model to sell compressed air as a service. Only then does digitalization provide its full value.

Business process management serves as the overarching management discipline that organizes process governance and integrates it with the organization. This makes BPM-Discipline the value-switch for the digital transformation journey, allowing businesses to set the right priorities, improve what matters most, and sustain the transformation results. It makes Value-driven Digital Transformation possible.

By establishing a strong BPM-Discipline, businesses can ensure that they are fully realizing the value of their digital transformation efforts. They can prioritize improvements, sustain the results, and ensure that their processes are well-aligned with their overall organizational goals.

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