Process-Led Digital Transformation: Value-Driven, Data-Based and Tool-Enabled

Organizations are eager to improve their performance using digital technologies. However, many businesses struggle to meet their expectations and fail to deliver the anticipated value. To succeed in digital transformation, it's crucial to adopt a value-driven approach and base decisions on data. The transformation should focus on a well-defined business case and aim to enhance existing processes or introduce new ones that provide additional value.

Effective process management is key to identifying the right digital capabilities and providing top-down vision and leadership. Both elements are essential for delivering business impact through digitalization. To optimize the time-to-value, fast and well-informed decisions are necessary. This is achieved through a data-based approach that delivers the required information about current and future process performance.

By focusing on value-driven processes and making data-based decisions, organizations can achieve successful digital transformation and reap the benefits of improved performance.

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