Four Key Skills to Know for 2022 in the Field of Business Process Management (BPM)

As industries rapidly evolve, organizations must continually improve their business processes to drive efficiency and generate value throughout their enterprise. In a recent BPM TIPs article, top influencers in the field of business process management were consulted to provide key insights into the latest BPM trends.

According to Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, there are four essential BPM skills that process professionals should emphasize in 2022. These skills include Process-Led Digital Transformation, Digitalization of the Process of Process Management, Innovation through Business Process Management, and Governance for the Digitalization and Transformation Journey.

By focusing on these key BPM skills, process professionals can stay ahead of the latest trends and ensure that their organizations are well-equipped to adopt and improve their business processes. With the right skills and strategies in place, organizations can achieve efficiency and generate value across their entire enterprise.

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