• Systematic Value-Realization of SAP S/4HANA

    Systematic Value-Realization of SAP S/4HANA

    Based Transformation through Business Process Management


    The Oil and Gas organization needed to switch from ARIS software to SAP Signavio and convert their processes from
    EPC to BPMN methodology. We helped them with this transformation by conducting training programs and
    workshops globally. As a result, the repository's user base and activity increased, enabling top-down guidance. They
    also developed process mining capabilities in three high-impact areas to enable bottom-up control of the new
    processes. This approach helped stakeholders manage the processes effectively towards the transformation
    business case.

    Organisation Background

    he organization is a globally competitive, integrated energy company focused on developing one of the world's largest petroleum resource basins. It aims to provide dependable energy to improve the quality of life for individuals, while promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Its operations encompass oil sands development, offshore oil and gas extraction, petroleum refining, and whole sale distribution in Canada. With a strategic focus on maximizing the potential of petroleum resources, the organization's diverse operations include oil sands development, offshore extraction, refining, and wholesale distribution in Canada. Its goal is to provide reliable energy while prioritizing social responsibility and environmental sustainability, aligning with its purpose of improving the quality of life for individuals.

    Business Challenge

    The client currently has 600 business processes documented in an ARIS repository and is looking to transition to SAP Signavio software. As part of the digital transformation efforts, the migration to SAP Signavio should also involve a shift to BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) modeling, aiming to simplify the process. This transition would allow the oil and gas company to leverage SAP Signavio's Process Intelligence tool to develop process mining capabilities for monitoring performance and conformance to the new processes over time. By migrating from ARIS to SAP Signavio and adopting BPMN modeling, the organization aims to streamline its digital transformation efforts. SAP Signavio's Process Intelligence tool can provide valuable insights into process performance and conformance, enabling the company to monitor and optimize its operations. This transition to a new software and modeling approach can help the organization achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in its business processes, as it embraces modern tools and technologies for process management in the oil and gas industry.

    The Solution

    To ensure the successful migration of processes from the ARIS repository to the SAP Signavio repository, validation meetings were held with the client's core team to identify the number of processes for migration and to define the model types for the processes. The processes underwent analysis to determine the element types that needed to be matched between EPC and BPMN notation. If attributes were captured
    in the ARIS repository, it was crucial to match them with attributes in the SAP Signavio repository, and if they could not be matched, then custom attributes were created to ensure continuity. All processes were transferred to SAP Signavio and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts. A training program was conducted to educate the team on the differences between EPC and BPMN modeling methods and to teach them how to systematically convert from EPC to BPMN through joint exercises. For three high-impact processes, process mining capabilities were established with daily refreshes of transactional data. Key performance indicators and data sources were identified with input from subject matter experts and data experts. Dashboards were created to identify deviations from standard operating procedures, and a three-day mining bootcamp was conducted for process analysts to integrate process mining into a management framework for continuous improvement.


    • Successful migration of process models from ARIS to SAP Signavio repository.
    • Conversion of process models to BPMN 2.0 notation resulting in standardized and simplified representation.
    • Improved accuracy of project plans and reduced time for model migration by developers.
    • Reduced risk of project delays, budget over runs, and last-minute customizations.
    • Top-down process management with a centralized repository and bottom-up control through process mining capabilities.
    • Development of process mining capabilities in three areas, supported by daily data refreshes.
    • Efficient validation of transformation business case and systematic value realization.
    • Increased effectiveness of process compliance management through process management toolsets.


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